As you've probably already noticed, my name is Teresa Sutton and I'm a web & graphic designer currently residing in the suburbs of Chicago. I enjoy combining art with computers, working with print design as well as web design. I'm always trying to learn more about new technologies and find interesting designs. Being the nerd that I am, I'm easily entertained watching commercials, examining ads in magazines and billboards or creating fun projects using the Weekly World News as inspiration. Feel free to check out some of the design work I've done.

When I'm not working, I love being a couch potato. Curling up on the couch and watching a good movie with some pizza is my idea of a good time. I especially love the kind of movies that are so bad they're funny--my favorites being "House of the Dead" and any Bruce Campbell film.

Back in high school, I consumed myself with the fine arts. Whether it was playing my trumpet in the jazz band or drawing portraits with pencils, it was always interesting. It wasn't until college that I combined my love for the arts with my love for computers. In college began to enjoy other types of art like sculpture and photography. Take a look at these projects in the just for fun section. In 2006, I graduated from Western Illinois University with a Bachelor's degree in Art and a minor in Computer Science.

Currently I work at The Computation Institute under The University of Chicago as a UX Developer focusing on the Globus Online project. The majority of my side work consists of projects for my mother's karaoke/DJ business. I'm always open to new projects, so feel free to contact me to go over any ideas. :)